Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Great Saturday:)

Well, when I got up this morning, I thought I was going to go see Spiderman 3 but it was hardly playing in the movie theater. So, we decided to see Ratatouille.
I wasn't crazy about going to see it, since I think it was the first weekend out. But, I guess since it was an afternoon movie, it wasn't busy at all. That little rat was so cute!! Hunter really liked it. He giggled too and really seemed to enjoy it

We went out for a Starbucks Coffee on the way home and enjoyed a Molasses cookie. YUM!

Then, we came home, Mike insisted on making dinner and we watched Toy Story 2. Mike ran up to Lowe's and got a new ceiling fan and new steps for our attic. The ceiling fan is done already in our kitchen and the steps we can do this week. The other steps are broke so we can't close the door completely to the attic and our AC/Heat is going right up.

Mike has to work tomorrow and I have nursery. He would have gone in today but he did oil changes for the cars that were way past due and he also washed, waxed and vacuumed them out.
I'm so proud of him. He is SUCH a hard worker. I worked inside and played with Hunter until we went off.

I stopped by Michael's to get some adhesive and they had a ton of stuff on sale. They had Martha Stewart accordion photo albums for $5 so I got a red one and a pink one for a gift. I got The Paper Company "T" note cards for $3, some Deja Views Sticker Tablets for $3 (I got School Days, All Boy, and Spring) some Making Memories brads and mini paper blossoms. Yippee..It was a small and fast pit stop but I love my goodies.

I cleaned my scrap corner today and made a card. I didn't get as much cropping as I wanted to get done. I was dusting and vacuuming and my eyes had a major allergy reaction. They're all swollen so I thought I better take it easy. We got home later than we expected today but it's ok. It was wonderful. Tomorrow, we have nursery at church and then I'm planning to see my Grandparents. While Hunter takes his nap, I'm going to do the cleaning I was going to do today. It'll probably be easier with him asleep and Mike at work. It's quiet and I get so much done.

Well, I'm signing off for the evening. I'm really tired. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


BonnieRose said...

u got some great deals... for sure!

Debbi said...

Great card. I love starbucks. I will try a molasses cookie next time I am there.

toners said...

Awesome goodies from M's! I really like the look of those brads...and a stop at Starbucks is just a nice finish to an afternoon, don't you think?