Sunday, June 24, 2007

Child's Play

This is Melissa and she's become Hunter's lil' buddy. We sat with her and her mom at the pool Saturday and had a really nice visit. Her mom and I played when we were about their age and Melissa goes to the same Eye Specialist as me. Isn't she cute at 3 with those glasses? It reminds me alot of myself since I got my first pair at 2. I hated them and would hide my glasses all over the house. I even hid them outside several times and when my dog found them, he wouldn't hand them to me; only my parents!! What a smartie!
This week is my 4 week checkup for my Eye Surgery and I can't wait. I have seen SO much improvement in the last couple weeks since my eye surgery. I have Congenital Estropia.
I was born with it and just had my 4th surgery. My eyes crossed when I was a child so I had surgery at 9 months, 2 years old, 15 years and just recently at age 31. I know that my parents made the right decision because it had to be done but I couldn't imagine watching your baby,(literally) being taken into surgery. Just the thought makes me nervous. My doc will be checking Hunter in September to make sure that he doesn't have any problems, similar to mine. No one else has this in my family so not sure where I got it but it's ok. I know I'm in God's hands and I trust that he is in control of this small condition.
We had a blast at the pool. We sat at the baby pool so Hunter could play without someone holding him, like in the big pool. He was ecstatic! He loved his freedom and was such a good little boy. He makes me so proud. It's amazing how much you love your kids.
He adored this Splash with me Dora doll, that she shared with him and is safe for the water He liked her doll and she wanted his sand bucket and rubber ducks. I went to get him the Dora today and could only find her with 2 little children. I wanted the one that comes with Boots. I settled and came home and ordered it from Ebay..LOL! I had to have it..CUTE!
Anyway I'm going to go to bed. I'm very tired but got a lot done today and need to rest up before going to the pool and church tomorrow. Good night and God Bless!

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