Saturday, June 30, 2007

Float Nite at th Pool

Momma steals a kiss from her lil' Pumpkin...He LOVES to give them and we love getting them!

My Wonderful Family

Caught stealing another kiss...LOL!

This is the life....isn't it? (You'd think we were on an island, waiting for another drink..J/K!
Momma, swooshing Hunter around in the water...and him giggling profusely!
Grandma and Grandad; It's all about the kid, huh?
Karla, with her son, Karson. Hunter had a ball playing with him!!

Karen, Karla's sister, watching her nephew while Mom plays with Karson
Hunter gave the new baby kisses...How Sweet!
We had a wonderful time at the pool. Every Thursday is Float Nite, where you can take big floats in the big pool. Hunter gets cold and a little worried , though so only wants to be in the baby pool. We were not alone and there were a bunch of kids in the water so he fun!! Grandma and Grandad have Just as much fun as him...LOL! They're big kids with him and he loves it. How wonderful they are to their Hunter.
We had to leave early since it started storming. But then, it never rained and the thunderstorm sounds/lights passed on. We had a TERRIBLE storm last night. I didn't even want to put Hunter in his bed I was so scared. I watched lightening strike a tree and then fall on the house nearby several years ago. I respect God's work. I just have a little fear of it. So, we turn the computer off, tv, all of it. My mom also told us years ago that her grandmother's tv caught fire during a storm so it doesnt hurt to be careful. Hunter loves to play in Momma's bed and enjoyed watching it. He just kept saying "bad storm" and laughed at the lightening. He didn't seem to get scared except for some of the really close ones and then he just held me so tight. It was wonderful but I dont want him to be scared like me:) It just felt so good to hold him and be near him, KWIM?
Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Mike is doing oil changes and then we're going to see Spiderman 3. I'm going to come home and make a nice meal for Hunter and Mike and I want to dedicate the evening to watching movies with the boys and SCRAPBOOKING!
I can't wait! Just R&R for us this weekend. Mike has to work tomorrow so I'm going to be doing my cleaning. (My house is clean but cleaning out Hunter's closet and our other closets and office)What a great weekend...I've been looking forward to it ALL WEEK!
Let me get off this computer...My boys are MY LIFE! Going to go be with them now...
These are taken with my Sony P&S. My DSLR doesn't see sand and water, usually unless we're there for that and not to play:)

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