Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Just a quick little shot of my little boy I took Sunday. We usually stop by Wendy's on the way home from church. Healthy and Fast before Hunter's nap. (and our nap THIS Sunday since we both had a pretty bad headache) I LOVE this child!! That smile and little face just melts my heart!!

Anyway, it's been a busy week but a pretty productive one. (although I've been late coming home every night)
Monday was my Weight Watchers meeting
Tuesday was a Mary Kay Party at work
Tonite, we're going out to dinner with friends

I'm SO coming straight home Thursday:) I really need a pedicure but I think I'll wait a while. In our spare time, after Hunter went to bed, we've got laundry finished, the house is clean and I got to fit a little blogging in after packing my lunch. I made a yummy salad and some fat free, sugar free cheesecake pudding. YUM!

Do you ever pack your lunch or fix a meal ahead of time and just want to eat it NOW?
BUT out of points for the day

I ran an errand and helped a family member during lunch on Tuesday so didn't get a chance to have something at home. I stopped by Taco Bell since I could run through the drive thru and eat pretty quick. WOWSERS...what a terrible way to start, right? But I pulled it off, got my veggies, milk, and water in for the day. (and borrowed o points..How COOL is that?)

I guess I better get going. I have an 8:30 meeting and a 4pm Post Op appointment. My eyes are really adjusting great. I just hate going without my glasses. I hope that will change. I feel like such a nerd.
(and you KNOW I'm going through my Mid Life Crisis right now, Jess and Lynn...LOL!)
Have a great Hump Day!! Looking forward to a nice weekend. Planning to clean my scrap corner in my den, cropping a bit and working on some new layouts for my work scrapbook. We may even go to Water Country. Mike had to work last Saturday so it will be nice to spend some quality time with us all together. We do that alot but I know we just don't take the time to appreciate it.

PS: I love this song on my blog! Do you ever feel really happy, like your life is just better than it ever has been? I just thank God for all I have to be thankful for and that I'm healthy, and blessed in so many ways.

Sorry if I seem way too bubbly tonite...Anyone that knows me knows I'm a very positive person. Sure, I COULD sit around and be negative and think about not having enough time or money or not pleasing everyone but life is WAY too short to sweat the small stuff. It's been beautiful (and hot) here this week and I guess I'm just enjoying all of God's work. Take care and hope you enjoy the day as well:)

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