Monday, June 25, 2007

Dora Fun

Just some quick picks of Hunter's new toys. He loves them! He's been carrying them everywhere he goes since he got them, Saturday. He still had some birthday money left and he fell in love with them when another girl at the pool had them. We really wanted the Dora and Boots figures but evidently, it's not available anymore. I found them on EBay for the price they were in the store, so I'm happy. Too bad they don't make a Diego similar to this but he doesn't mind.

Another great weekend. I got a lot of cleaning done, Saturday after coming back from the pool and putting Hunter down for a nap. Sunday, we finished cleaning and took a nap when Hunter did. I was having some serious Allergy issues and a bad headache. It was nice to just relax.

And, of course, got my blog back up and running, after redecorating Friday night. I hope I can keep it up. It's fun and it's nice communicating with others.

Have a great Monday! Looks like another beautiful day. I'm getting ready for work and then to a Weight Watchers meeting right after. Mike went grocery shopping last night while I got Hunter ready for bed. I'm having a yummy salad for lunch and a cucumber with vinegar for dessert:)


Kate said...

Trying to lose weight is a pain! I'm working on it too I hope your salas was yummy!

La Tonya said...

My niece has those same toys and we never go anywhere without them:) So glad your little one likes them so much.

Rachael said...

My son just saw those toys and loves them!