Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Back to Blogging....

Well, this is probably the first time in 2 weeks that I've blogged!! So much has been going on and I can't catch up.

We've been cleaning out rooms, painting, getting rid of stuff, and it feels WONDERFUL!
We painted our bedroom a great shade of green. I love it! We cleaned our floors, vacuumed, dusted, and moved the furniture around. I got a new Ivory Coverlet and some new pillows to accent my area rug and give the bed some color. I was afraid the color on the walls would make it look smaller but it actually looks BIGGER. I have ALL of this room at the foot of my bed that I can now use for my Treadmill when it's in use.
I still need to have the hardwood floors refinished, replace the floor molding and buy my NEW furniture. It's on sale right now, along with the mattresses so HOPEFULLY, we will be able to get it soon. But as the song says, it doesn't always have to be perfect...
This past weekend was pretty busy. Friday night, we went to Rock ola Cafe since they sent us a $20 Gift certificate in the mail to try them out. I had a yummy crab cake sandwich and a salad. I could go there just for their Chili and Salad. That seems to be my favorite selection anywhere these days...
Saturday, we planned on going to Water Country with my best friend and her boyfriend. She had her nephew and another friend of theirs was going with his daughter. Our previous neighbors were visiting over the weekend and were going to see some friends. So, Justin, one of their sons went with us. Between the 5 adults and 4 kids we had a BLAST. Robin and I both bought waterproof cameras and got some FUNNY shots! I'll post these later...I need to edit them from the Photo CD I just picked up.
(We had so much fun we're going back THIS Saturday also)
Saturday night, we had planned on coming back to our house and grilling out. It didn't turn out that way at ALL. We ended up in the ER after Mike, my hubby had a severe Eczema Episode. He felt fine as we left WC but knew he needed his pill. He took it when he got home but it was too late. He took 2 showers and couldn't stop the itching. I was glad Justin was there to help with Hunter, as I was scared TO DEATH. Mike was so weak he couldn't get out of the shower. I finally persuaded him to try to get to our bed to lay down. He did and then started shaking all over. He seemed to have convulsions. I later found out that his body was trying to fight off the Episode by flooding his blood with White Blood Cells. It caused his body to go in shock. I should have called the Ambulance but he wouldn't allow me to. IF there's a next time, I just won't ask. I got him to the ER about 8 and it was 4:15 A.M. before we left. Our wonderful pal, Justin watched Hunter until my parents picked up Hunter so we didn't have to worry about him. Mike finally has an appointment with a Dermatologist at the end of the month and we're hoping to find out MORE about his Eczema. (He also has Asthma and Eczema is actually Asthma through the skin) He's tried before but gotten discouraged by the 8-10 month waiting period but got in quickly due to the severity of his condition. When it's good, it's good. But when it's bad it's real bad. He has medicine but can't take it all the time because he will build up a resistance. It's always a guessing game with what could set it off. Even the nurse working with him said that because her son suffers from it. It seems like a skin condition to some but until you live with someone who has it, you don't realize what a crippling disease it really is. Thank God he's better!
Monday night was so hot we pulled out Hunter's slip and slide and played outside. WHAT FUN! Mike and I had no intentions of getting wet but Hunter asked we show him how to do it so we did..
Our neighbor had a piece of mail for us and just laughed when she watched us!! I know we must be the BIGGEST nerds but for my family, I'd do anything!!
This week will be long, as I'm still working on cleaning up and organizing. We want to straighten out our office and get new hardware for our desk to organize our bills. We pay them now and throw them in there since our file cabinet broke. I'm ready to get with it!!
Mike is working a lot of Overtime so he can catch up at work and be off a little next week. It's a busy time of the year for him right now since it's the end of the year for them.
Friday, I'll be late getting off since I close, Saturday, I'm going to Water Country and then out with a friend Saturday night. Can't wait!
Next week, I'm OFF (YES!!) since Mike's brother and family are coming down from Wisconsin. We have lots planned for the week and I can't wait. I'm looking forward to some fun and sun!
One morning, we're having our house sprayed, inside and out, for termites, bugs etc. We had it inspected when we moved in 5 years ago but not since. It's a little scary and we definitely want to protect our investment. We have a friend of our family who we all use and he's going to spray my Travel Trailer also. We had ants years ago in our pop up camper and want to prevent that reoccurring as much as we can. (so far, NO problem)
It would be just WONDERFUL if we could look at our furniture this weekend and have it delivered while I'm off..We'll see. (It's on sale and free delivery too)
Well, let me go. It's almost my bedtime and I still have a little laundry to put away.
Hope you all have a wonderful "Hump" Day=:)
Sorry, there are no pictures. I just hardly had the time to update but I will post some Wednesday night after editing some. We were talking about going to the pool since my parents will be there with Hunter while Mike works OT. But, I know it's calling for rain and it's SO hot, even in the water.

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Suzy said...

I have green in my bedroom too, I love it. Doesn't it feel good when you muck out everything and re-organize? Feels like when you first moved in and everything is just right!! Congrats!