Saturday, March 24, 2007

On the Way Out

It's FINALLY warm here!! Ya!! I'm out the door to work in my yard with Mike, while Hunter helps us and plays on his swing set! I've got flowers to plant, grass to cut, a screened in porch to clean and lots of cleaning! We were going to start last night it was SO wonderful out but Mike wasn't feeling good, after having Dental Surgery again Thursday. He's much better today, and ready to go outside. We're in the yard all the time during the year for cookouts, relaxation and just enjoying the weather. I can't wait until I can sit outside again!! Hope everyone has a great Saturday! Work today, Play tomorrow:)
(although working in our yard together is NEVER a chore) This picture is another one from the park Thursday. I love new buds, such a beautiful reminder of a new season!


Kerry said...

Love your photographs!

Jane said...

What a beautiful picture Jenn.