Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ready for some FUN

Ok, I didn't even watch my Grey tonite...I heard it was a rerun but I can check it out online later. (We went to dinner with our neighbors) This week, I'm hooked on my Bold and the Beautiful. I love my Channel 3 Soaps; Bold and the Beautiful and Young and the Restless:) But B & the B has me glued to the tv from 1:30-2. (I love my 1:00 lunch hour)

Oh cool...They're playing Hootie and the Blowfish on October Road..I saw them twice and the last time was at Strawberry Banks in the pouring down rain. What an awesome concert! I LOVE Hootie and the Blowfish!

Last night, we went to Mike and Tom's for a cookout with the neighbors and some friends. It was fun...I'm going to miss them SO much. But we've got numbers and email so I'm sure we'll stay in touch. Tom is leaving Saturday morning but I think Mike and Justin aren't leaving until the end of April. We're probably going camping with them the weekend after Easter in King and Queen County. Everyone there is so nice! Can't wait...I've got major camping fever

Here's some pics from Wednesday night.

Mike and Tom...maybe the last time hanging outside together. I know he'll miss Tom's advice on fixing stuff. (We already warned him we're going to email him and expect to get step by step instructions, with pictures...J/k, Guys!)

Tom with one of the babies, and Mike and Hunter Man together...Can you tell they're buddies?

Tom's coworkers , with Justin hanging out

Our other neighbor, Janice with JustinThe Babies..Millie and Spencer. How cute!

Ok, and Hunter's Easter outfit. What a cutie he'll be. I think he's going to wear this to go see the Easter bunny (maybe?) and I think I'll try to get some Easter pics this weekend. Easter really snuck up on me!!

And I *finally* bought me a new camera strap, with Mickey Mouse, bought it on Ebay. I've been looking at these since I left Disney World in December. I saw SO many people with them at the park and it made me want one! But, I didn't have my SLR yet. When I got the Sony in January, I started looking on Ebay for one. I wanted one that I hadn't seen before. I also wanted one that had nylon straps to connect to the camera. I have a tapestry one I got already from Ebay but it has metal clips on the side and I can't stand the noise or the damage it could do to my camera. Loving this one..never seen the blue! Can't wait to get it. I also ordered me a Tamron one that would pretty much match anything when the blue Mickey didn't. (like I'll want to take that one off) Both connect with the nylon may seem picky but I figure if I spend that much money on a camera, I want to protect it any way I can!

Ok, gotta go to bed. We're going out Friday for Jess's Bachlorette Party sorta. Not sure where we're going but I'll have the Durango full. (Gotta love that 3rd row seating) Mike and Rod are doing the male bonding thing and going with us but not with us:) Lynn, Jess, Mindy and I are doing the girl's night out thing and can't wait! We may just be in different areas of wherever we go or not too far away from the guys. It's going to be a blast and I'm DEFENTLEY looking forward to the adult time. (especially from all the fun we had today just talking about it...How about those pizza adds...LOL:) Hunter's staying overnite with Grandma and Grandad and I'm sure he'll have a ball. Taking my older Sony point and shoot so my pics may be a little different but glad I'll have that convenience of being compact. Have a great weekend=) I'll try to post a little later Saturday but got a lot planned!

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