Thursday, March 01, 2007

What a week!! We went by and saw Granny, PaPa, and Ellen Tuesday night. We had so much fun. Hunter was a little wound up since he had a little chocolate. He was good though and we ALL laughed at his antics. He always says Granny and PaPa but when we get there, he always calls PaPa from the door! I don't know where he got that from but it was histerical! He calls him, every time a little louder than the last and then when he opened the door, he waved and said Hi, PaPa!! He's really got a cute little personality now! Of Course, we heard PaPa before we saw him since he was laughing before opening the door:) Granny looked really pretty in her blue. Hunter told her ALL about Donald Duck but she didn't mind. She just smiled. He can talk up a storm now.
Ellen is modeling her new glasses. They look great on her! We had a nice time and I was just sorry it had been a couple weeks since we saw them. We really enjoy it there! I had a little cough that I wanted to clear up before I went. I get it every year. Allergies but sounds like I'm dieing!So glad that's done!
This is Ellen's kitty. She looked nice and comfy in her bed. Hunter always likes to say hi to her!

Here's my little Hunter Man, taking a bath. Not sure what I'm going to do with this shot but I love it. He has SO much fun taking a bath. I love watching him play. He's learning too. He has all the Alphabet letters in the tub that he likes to play with and then he loads them up in his ducky net before we get out.
And look what I got in the mail this week?

Yes! My new Adobe Lightroom! We were using the Beta Version and then I got my Jury Duty pay! I was already planning to get it but excited when I got that little piece of joy in the mail.

This program is awesome!

I LOVE getting packages in the mail! It's so much fun! I haven't been able to load it yet. I've been asleep before 9 all week. Today is my last day of the week to work. I'm off tomorrow to get some things done around the house so we can go to the next step on our bathroom. Hopefully, Mike can work on it this weekend. He's working so much overtime that he's had to go in a couple weekends. I don't mind. I'm SO proud of the person he is. I just miss him but I have other things I get done. We have a busy year...HOPEFULLY he can take his PE Exam this fall. If not, he'll take it in the Spring but he's anxious to get it past him. We're planning on taking several camping trips not too far away so he can just relax and study! Can't wait to go camping!! I've got the fever!

Ok, a little bragging on Mike:)

We've been really into Martin Bailey Photography lately...the man is so talented!!

Well, Mike posted some of his pictures and he got SEVERAL comments from some other Professional Photographers that said his pictures are excellent! He was so excited but didn't want me to say anything about it! He's not one that likes to toot his own horn and I probably won't mention anything else. But I'm so proud of him! Maybe some of those middle of the night photo sessions at the beach were worth it! Just kidding...that wasn't even the picture!

I was thinking about taking a class at the community college near me but I think now we're going to take an online course so we can both benefit from it! It's so nice that we love this together. Hoping I can finish early tomorrow to go out and "shoot" before Hunter and Mike get home.

Anyway Have a great day! I've got to get ready for work!

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