Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is Spring in the air?

So, I've been toying around with learning how to do Digital Scrapbooking the last couple months. I've really struggled with having time to do my other "Paper Scrapbooking" and catching up. Mike is always finding new awesome Podcasts for our IPOD and he just showed me a Digital Scrapbooking tuturial last night. That was it for me I guess. I checked out some info online and didn't even read the instructions. I just downloaded a couple free kits, loaded them in Photoshop and started playing. I love my new banner and I'm hoping by the weekend I can get some layouts done. I know I'll still do my paper scrapbooking but this is SO cool!! I'm so excited...I did it by myself! I am loving my Photoshop skills's finally clicking! Just wondering why I didn't do it sooner!! So, it's Mike's fault:) I have to say that those tutorials on Itunes are incredible, seriously.

Mike is asleep beside me and wouldn't wake up if his life depended on it. I wouldn't dream of waking him. He's fine but had to get a bone pulled from his cheek today. It grew in abnormally after having his wisdom teeth pulled a couple months ago. Our dentist said it was completely normal. He got 3 stitches and he's a little sore. Poor Guy. And you know what he did? When I got home from lunch, he washed my car and vacumed it out completely! (both cars, actually) I told him he was supposed to be resting but when I came home a little early from work too to take care of Hunter and him, they were in the foyer waiting for me. We went to the park and he had packed dinner and all the fixings! It was delicious and then, we played at the park. Hunter ran around the play ground and we took some pictures of the sunset and the ducks. FUN! What am I going to do with Mike? He is so wonderful, and supportive!! I love him more every minute!!I also got my Starbucks Gift Card in the mail today so we stopped by for a coffee and a treat on the way home. (Rice Krispy Treats for Hunter) I got a Caramel Mocha...yum! (Don't worry, Lynn and Jess. I still got credit for you guys...LOL!) I'm getting all the sweet stuff out of our system before starting our Spring diet. We usually eat healthy anyway but have our occassional snack that we really want to cut out. We're starting a Wellness Program at work that I can't wait to start. (Next Month) Not sure what we're doing for the weekend. May go to Busch but only for part of the day. We're hoping to get some work done around the house. I'm not even sure what the weather's going to be but I've got flowers to plant, grass to cut and a camper to clean. I can't WAIT go go camping. I have nursery this weekend at church but otherwise, SOON I hope. I have several places I want to try out that we didn't get to this year!

Well, gotta go to bed. It's late and I'm tired. (probably still up 'cause of the coffee but SO worth it) Here's a little funny that Mike emailed me this week. It was beautiful that day and he had no surveying to do outside:(

The sun is shinny, I want to play.
But I have to sit here at work on this warm, warm, warm day.
I sit her with Bryce,we sit here we two.
And I said, "How I wish we had something to do".
But all we can do is to Sit,
Sit, Sit
and we do not like it. Not one single bit.

Hunter loves the Cat in the Hat...I can't stand it because it's annoying to read!! I know that sounds HORRIBLE...but all those rhymes!!
He loves it so much that at daycare today, he wore his hat most of the day and called himself the Cat in the Hat. Our daycare provider said he didn't like it if you made any intention of removing his hat or saying otherwise:) He is SO crazy! Maybe we should have a Cat in the Hat birthday instead...(I think we're having a Diego Party:)

A beautiful end to an evening with the loves of my life!! God Bless and Thank God It's Friday!!

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Marie Starr said...

Yes! Bring on Spring!! Great photos!

I thought I was the only one who got annoyed with Dr. Seuss

I much preferred to read Mother Goose,
But the child wanted HIM,
and HIM I must read,
and read it I did
'til I thought my "rhymer" would bleed!!
But now I don't mind it so much
as before;
Cause reading to my grandchild is not such a chore!