Sunday, March 11, 2007

I've Got Sunshine...

I got packages in the mail this week!! HOORAY! I just love my new Lowepro bag. I had outgrown my old one so this one is great. I also got me a new tripod since ours pretty much bit the dust. LOVE THEM BOTH! I had a lot of help with some other people first hand with it and I'm so glad everyone was so helpful. THANK YOU!

Mike got us some memory for our computers, that came this weekend. Our computer was hardly running. We needed to wipe and clean before we could use it. It was locking up all over the place!! Now, We're running ALOT faster! I LOVE getting packages in the mail.

We had a great weekend. Friday, we went to Hot Dog King and then Starbucks. My computer was so wonky that I couldn't get to my pictures of us there before. I like these better anyway. Saturday, was the Twopeas Starbucks Challenge deadline to do a layout, using 3 Gift Cards. I posted it last Saturday, after finally getting on and I WON! Ya!
This is the layout that won me a Starbucks Gift Card!!

Right now, I owe Jessica a coffee. But, I promised Mindy that we'd do that too since she hung out with me Saturday night. Jessica and I went to Panera Bread for lunch Saturday. (I did take pictures but Mike had taken my memory card out and I didn't realize it:( So, they didn't capture. I had the soup and salad combo. French Onion is one of my favorites and the Greek Salad was delicious! She wanted to go out for coffee, originally and then we decided on lunch since everyone at our office is talking about that place. It was good and I'm going back again SOON! When I got home, Mike and I went to Busch Gardens and got our season passes. It was beautiful...can't wait to post some of THESE pictures to my Photo Blog this week. The memory card is MIA. Mike was looking at it so I'm sure I'll find it tomorrow! I can't wait to go to Busch when they open! Next Saturday, they open JUST for the passholders. We're both planning to go but not until the afternoon. We're headed to NC to take care of our family's home for the season. We clean inside, outside, have a yummy lunch and decide what needs to be done for the summer. I love it there because the whole family goes and has a great time and we all help keep it nice.

We had a busy day! WHEW! We went to dinner around 5 at Tuscanny's with some great friends, Rod and Mindy. It had been a while so my parents kept Hunter. He had a ball and so did we! Our dinner was so good. I had Ravioli stuffed with Lobster, covered in a Crab Sauce. I've never had anything like it but I'll probably get it next time!

We also went to see a movie, Bridge to Terabithia.

Let me just say, it was awesome. I laughed, I cried, I cried some more. Mindy and I were sharing tissues. It taught me a lot about myself. I can definitely relate in SO many ways. I'm going to have to own it when it comes out. LOVED it! I also think I'm going to download the Soundtrack eventually. The music was great!! We hung out at home for a while with Rod and Mindy, until well after midnight. We had to get up early to go off but we have so much fun with them. It's hard getting together since she's usually out of the country every other week but we try to drop a line and say hello. We're going swimming ATLEAST 3 times this week and can't wait. She's such a great motivater!! I need my practice...

Sunday, we went to the RV Show with my inlaws and we had a great time. I'm hoping it's a tradition we can keep up since I really have fun. I don't want another camper any time soon but really enjoy looking at the newer technology. My feet are a little tired but it was worth it! I saw ALOT of VERY HUGE RV's that were really nice but I love my non sliding, wonderful 25 foot travel trailer. It has everything I need right now so why change? Hunter loves it and it feels like homeWe had dinner at the Texas Roadhouse and it was so good. I have leftovers for lunch. DELICIOUS!
Well, tomorrow, I should have more pictures. Wasn't sure where my other memory card was when I started this.
I had an awesome weekend. Sometimes, I feel like things are going better for me and my family than they EVER have. I'm so proud of Mike for all his hard work at work and at home. I love my son and my family and feel like God is truly, blessing my life!!

Ok, I've gotta go read my Photography assignments before going to bed and I can hardly stay awake!! (But the info is wonderful!!)

Hope you have a good night!

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