Saturday, March 03, 2007

Happy Birthday to the Cat in the Hat

Happy Birthday!!!!
Welcome, Cat in the Hat!!

Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast for $1

Look at Hunter and The Cat!

MMMmmm...Birthday Cake! We went to a Birthday Party for the Cat in the Hat today, held at the Navy Exchange. It was awesome!! I can't believe how much fun we had. When we got there, all the kids got to watch the movie, The Cat in the Hat. Then, the cat got there and everyone said hello. Hunter just happened to be the closest to him so he got the first hug! He sat on his lap, got an activity book and the reading of the book on CD, balloons, pizza, punch and birthday cake...It was all free. The only charge was a plate of breakfast for $1. Biscuits, ham and green eggs. It was so cool!! Mike loves working for the Government!!
We'd love to take an opportunity for him to work overseas for a couple years. Once he passes his P.E. Exam and becomes a G.S. 13 he'd be eligible. As long as we have family, especially parents and grandparents in the area, we wouldn't even consider it right now. But, maybe in a couple years, we'd love to. Not sure if we will but it's nice to dream. We talk about it ALL the time. My Uncle just passed away and they spent several years in Germany while my aunt taught American kids. They were so lucky to have that kind of opportunity! I hope someday we will too.
We got some other pictures around the area while we were out. It was gorgeous today; the sun was a little harsh but we had fun anyway. I was glad I had my new Circular Polarizer. It really helped. We stopped by a really neat camera store in Portsmouth. I got a new filter holder. One of my cases had broke and they take up a lot of room in the cases anyway. This looks like a billfold but has protective padding all around and it holds up to 6 filters. Right now, that's exactly how many I have to fill up. I still need to get the Neutral Density filter but Ritz was out of it last week. I know this will be so much easier for me in my bag!
I found a new bag that I may have to keep an eye out for. I love my backpack but since I got my new lens It's definitely getting a little tight. I'm already outgrowing it and I KNOW when I get my flash I won't have room for it. Mike is actually talking about saving for his own DSLR...we share ours now. It's definitely a passion....
Anyway, I'm going to bed. I'm exhausted from being outside with the boys today. What a fun day! I've been sleepy all week. I'd LOVE to think that there was a reason for that but I can only dream. Maybe..just maybe...
Good Nite...going to bed with my new sheets and cuddly pillow. I've got a list of things I want accomplished tomorrow. Mike has to work, he's swamped so I'm on my own. Not complaining, I just miss him. At least, he gets the OT (Ya:) and I get more organizing done. Take care!!

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