Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Camping Fun

Just thought I'd FINALLY post pictures when we went camping two weekends ago in Williamsburg. It was a great time. Not too hot, lots of warm temps, relaxation and fun.

The kids have fun, coloring together Hunter bought his first bike with some birthday money. It's got Spiderman on it and he got the Cars helmet. Before the weekend was over, he rode all by himself! My little boy is getting SO big!
Aunt "Lou Eye", DNK and Jay , soaking up some sun at the Pool
Baby K LOVES to play ball !
Mike, Hunter and I The kids, playing with Uncle Dave and Aunt ValHunter and George, listening to Disney music on Dad's IPOD
(while Dad takes a nap) Well, it's Happy Hump Day. I've got some cleaning to do tonite in my bedroom and den. Then, switching my summer clothes out in my closet. (the last things to do before baby Hannah comes) I want to enjoy the rest of the week. I've got to finish up her scrapbook and get everything ready to go before Monday. I'm hoping to go to the pool on Saturday and Sunday, Church, visiting the Grandparents, stopping by the hospital for blood work and then, a Wedding Reception at Church that afternoon. I've got to get to bed early since I have to be at the hospital at 5:30 for my 7:30 Cesarean.
I had to go to the Dr yesterday unexpectedly. Everything turned out OK but I was having severe pressure. No contractions, except the usual Braxton Hicks but alot of pain. They wanted me to come in to get checked me out and said that she had dropped a little but not much. They think that it was her position but I felt like SUCH a dork. I told them I had NO problem with the pain but just wanted to make sure everything was OK. Still have ALOT of pressure but I'm OK. Just glad it's all normal. I'm almost there!
Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday! God Bless!

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Jen said...

Great photos! My family loves to go camping too!

Good luck tomorrow! How exciting!! :)