Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Babies

My DH will probably kill me for posting this...hehehe but to ME, it's SO cute. All my babies laying in bed. Mike was watching Hannah while I washed my hands after a nasty diaper change. As Hunter says, "Hannah is yucky". He told us this the other day in the car. (after telling us he smelled something) When we asked why he said it's because she poops. We told him that HE poops. Does that mean HE is yucky TOO? He said no, Just her bottom is yucky!! It was SO funny. I just had to share!!
Going to the movies today to see Wall-E then a birthday party at TNT this afternoon. Tomorrow is Church and then another birthday party. BUSY...I want a nap but I'll fit that in sometime this afternoon. Have a FABULOUS weekend!!


Jen said...

That is such a precious photo! Your "yucky" story is just too cute! Have a wonderful weekend!

Rachael said...

I love sleeping daddy/kiddo pics!!!! So cute!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Val said...

how sweet is this!!