Sunday, June 01, 2008

SUPER Saturday

Well, I KNOW I said I would post some pictures of camping but I definitely will TONITE! Yesterday, I played with Hunter in the morning and had a great time. Mike took the car down to get inspected and a couple little things taken care of. We had lunch and then, I headed out to my Crop at Church. Let me just say, it had been a long time since I had gone but I'll be going back regularly now. I had SO much fun with some great friends that I had a lot in common with. We talked about kids, life, husbands; it was a blast. AND, I got alot done. I got a TON of pages done in the Baby's scrapbook and when I came home, I cropped until 1 A.M. I know....I'm an idiot.
To be completely honest, I'm skipping Church today to go to Water Country. I don't usually do that but I really need a day of rest and play. A week from tomorrow is my Cesarean! The time has just flown by and I may not be able to go for a little while. I needed to have our Baby Album done so I could take it to the hospital. I want to have all our Visitors, Nurses and Family sign her book. It already has pictures of all of Hannah's family, My Baby Shower, her room, lots of stuff. They couldn't believe I had started on her album already. Of course, I want to really try to catch up more on my pictures and get them in the albums this year. I'm SUPER backed up on Hunter's album. I plan to change that. I did the CUTEST page with Hunter that says "I love my Big Brother". It turned out better than I expected. I'll post pictures later...

ANYWAY, I'm off to eat some breakfast and get ready to go to Water Country. It's gorgeous and I feel wonderful. God Bless and have a wonderful Sunday!!

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