Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Slow moving....

Well, I've been meaning to post pics of us all coming home from the hospital and Hannah's first bath but to be honest, I am SLOW MOVING. Still super sore from my 2 surgeries. I'm usually the brave one but I was SUCH a chicken today, going to get staples removed from my incision. I almost had a panic attack but I heard it wasn't that bad. I just stayed calm and my OB/GYN is awesome! He told me not to worry and was very gentle. It was over in minutes and I KNOW I'll be able to move around alot better without those. I'm hoping to walk to the end of the street on Wednesday with Hunter and Hannah in her stroller. I can always go further later but want to take it slow.

I know several months ago we were all upset when Hunter's teacher suggested he might have Autism. We were horrified, upset, beside ourselves but still scheduled an appointment with the Psychologist. Today, we went and talked to her for over an hour. She said, after observing him, that she found NO signs of Autism in any shape or form. She believes that he does have a Developmental delay, which consists of immature fine motor skills and such and some Speech delay, which he's being treated for. She said with therapy for the Speech and time for the Fine Motor Skills, he will grow out of this. We were ecstatic. We already thought he didn't have Autism but wanted to get him screened anyway. But to hear it from an expert is wonderful. She also said he's a normal little boy and that it sounded like we were doing great with him. WOW...was that nice to hear! He's our little Sweetie and we had a great day with him and Hannah. We went out for Mexican for lunch before going to my 1:30 appointment. Nice day....NOT used to being out and hope to get some rest on Wednesday. But I had a wonderful day with my family!
Have a great Hump day..I'm off to bed now:)

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