Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Baby Boy

These are pictures of my little boy, Hunter in the hospital with me. (he just turned 4 the end of April) He was SO excited to see Hannah for the first time. He got to hold her that same day, with his "I'm the Big Brother Shirt" on. The first picture, I think I'm going to frame for in his room. I just LOVE it!

He's my big helper and he loves to talk to Hannah. Today, we're going to the pool for a little while because tomorrow is supposed to be pretty hot. I'm looking forward to sitting back and playing with him in the water. We usually have lunch there and then, home for a nap. I have thank you notes and Baby Announcements to work on. I also need to order some pictures to print. Hope everyone has a happy "Hump Day" =)


Jen said...

Awwww! How sweet. Precious photos. Congratulations!

emily said...

These pictures are so sweet.What a lucky little girl to have such a sweet brother! Congratulations.

jill said...

Your photos remind me of when dd was born and ds was the new big brother. That was almost 10 years ago [shock].

Your daughter is beautiful :)