Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas In The Air

Getting pictures of Infants is NOT as easy as it looks. This is Hannah, after Church Sunday in her first Christmas outfit that I picked up a while ago from Ross. (one of my favorite stores)

THIS is why it's so hard. She loves to play with her feet and shoes. LOVE those adorable fat legs!
Here's my Handsome Hunter. He's growing like a weed, I can hardly keep up with the clothes that fit him. After Church and his nap, we decorated the tree. He loves to hang the ornaments but we chuckled that he'd add them all in ONE area. He's my little Santa helper...
We received a monetary Baby Gift for Hannah and decided to use it for a Bumbo seat for her. She loves it! She's able to sit right by us and look all around. She enjoyed watching us decorate the tree.
Hunter found this Santa hat and thought it would be cute on Hannah. She didn't mind, and she laughed at Hunter a lot. They are good buddies!
My girl's sweet face...
And here's Hunter, adding the Angel on the tree.
YES, I know he looks funny in his mismatched pj's and tan socks. I think he's going to be a model since he loves to try on clothes!! ha ha It's usually his Woody gun holster, Woody hat, Holiday socks and a mixture of several outfits/pajamas. He enjoys it so it's interesting to see what he comes up with.
No pictures of the tree yet since we had Christmas boxes and stuff all around before last night. I had to feed the baby so Mike cleaned up and vacuumed for me. We need new stockings and we're hoping to get those on our trip.
I had hoped to be home all night but had to go to Walmart to pick up some jeans. I've been super down the last day or two. Not usually like me to dwell on the negative, but I've gained so much weight. I know a lot has to do with my current birth control, the Depo Provera shot. I'm starting a new pill when I get back from Disney and I'm hoping it'll be a good change.
We're also working on turning part of our garage into a work out area after the New Year. I know that after Christmas, I want to pick up Wii Fit. We can get our weight off and we're determined to do so. It's nice we want to do it together. We want to be healthy, and hopefully, it will help my Stomach issues also. I'm taking a Probiotic but can't tell a difference yet. I still have a lot of pain.
So, I got a new pair of jeans (a larger size..ugh) and a comfy red velour jogging set to take to Disney World. I'm satisfied. Complaining won't do anything about it so I'm thinking positive:)
Tonite, my plans are...
-cleaning my Dining Room, which has become a stock room for the gifts I need to wrap
-making everyone Disney tags for our luggage, using my Cricut
-wrapping all my presents
--making invitations on my computer for my Christmas Dinner the week after we get home
(no handmade cards this time, just printed on decorative Christmas Poinsettia paper)
-making two thank you cards
-burning my Christmas candle, listening to Christmas music and enjoying the ambiance
I'll be busy but I know I'll have Hunter's help. He LOVES to help us. My little elf.
Hope everyone has a Happy Hump Day and God Bless!


Lisa Dorsey said...

Such sweet pictures! Have fun keeping busy today. :)

Sandra Collins said...

fantastic photos!

Benita said...

Awwww, those pictures are too adorable!

Lorrie said...

wish they'd had those bumbo's around when DNK was little!

Pearl Maple said...

Your children are total little cuties. Looks like a special holiday for you all at your house. Thanks for sharing.