Monday, December 22, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend

Saturday night, we had our Family over for Dinner. We get together every Christmas to exchange presents with my Aunt Nancy, who goes away to her home for the HolidayNanny and Pop with Hunter and Hannah, their GREAT grandchildren
Uncle Mark with Aunt Kitty
Aunt Nancy, trying out her new Cat Pillow. She loves ANYTHING cats.
"Christmas, Through The Eyes Of A Child"
Hunter and Hannah were in the Kid's Christmas program at Church Sunday. Hunter is wearing the red wrap with a yellow hat. Hannah is playing Baby Jesus.
Angels You can tell Hunter wasn't feeling good. He's got a bad cough and cold.
All the kids did a great job on the program! It was really cute.
After Church, we came home and had lunch with my In Laws. They were watching my SIL's little girl. Hunter and his cousin wore themselves out playing so they layed down to rest in our den, while watching Cars.
After lunch, dessert and some coffee, we went to the mall to get pictures taken with Santa and to get Hannah's ears pierced.
Waiting for Santa
Little K started out shy but then, she really enjoyed seeing Santa!
Here's Hannah and I, right before she got her ears pierced.
I'm getting very nervous at this point....

Hannah wasn't making any noise so where I was, I couldn't hear anything or see her face. This was one of those, catch your breath, not making a sound yet , getting ready to scream faces. But all she did was whimper and then, she was fine as soon as I picked her up and held her. She did better than I did. I, actually cried a little. I thought she was going to scream for real. Maw Maw and Pa Pa took the kids and went for a walk.
This picture was just seconds after and she was over it already! She did great!
The kids ran into a friend from the Daycare and they played together in the food court.
Hannah, asleep in her bed, with her new earrings.
She got small gold ball earrings. She's so sweet!
It was just a wonderful weekend with family and the kids. We really got to relax and have some fun. Unfortunately, Hunter's cold and cough are worse and he's running a fever. He's really not feeling well at all so we're going to get him feeling better before Christmas. The poor guy, I just hate to see them hurt.
Well, take care and have a great Monday!!


rmslil said...

I am stealing some of your pics since I was so busy helping them that I did not get any pictures.

Lisa Dorsey said...

Oh my word girl, you were busy. Those pictures of your sweet little girl getting her ears pierced just tug at my heart. Looks like such a wonderful weekend.