Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thankful for Family

Just wanted to post our family pictures from Thanksgiving day. We had a great time and the cousins had fun playing. The first picture was taken by my SIL because we forgot our tripod. The second picture was taken by setting my camera on a decorative pedestal.
It was a special day and we are so thankful for our family. We also visited our grandparents, who are in their 90's and not able to go out too much anymore. We took a big Thanksgiving meal over to them so they could enjoy the day also. Our Aunt takes care of them every day and she MORE than deserves a break.

After leaving our last stop, we stopped by Michael's to get a Cricut Cartridge on sale. What a madhouse! I got Joys of the Season then, and then, after selling another item on EBAY, I picked up the Cars cartridge on Saturday. I love them both. My MIL, two SIL's and I were at Wal-Mart at 3 A.M. Friday morning to get ready for shopping at 5. My SIL's got the Blue Ray DVD players and my MIL and I got the Cricut Expression! I had sold my Original Cricut already to help pay for the cost of this one so Mike said it was fine if I used this one now. Let me just say, this is ONE AWESOME MACHINE. I love it more every day. I'm making laminated Disney tags with our contact information for our luggage. THIS Saturday, we're headed to Disney World and my folks thought it would be cool to spot their bags easier, looking for their special tag.

Speaking of getting ready for the trip, last night, I put all the kid's clothes in their rocking chair so I can pack it this week. I, also, went through their closets and removed all the clothes they can no longer wear anymore. What a job! I can't believe how much they can't wear but at least I can get in their closets better now. Mike vacuumed their rooms after I was finished and then, I was done. My back was killing me from standing over 2 hours. Tonite, I need to put the Christmas boxes in the attic, vacuum the rest of the house, finish cleaning off our Dining room table and wrap some presents. It's a busy week but I think I'm FINALLY getting caught up...Sigh
I'd still like to decorate some Christmas ornaments for some gifts this year but not sure I'll have time to make them before our trip.

Well, I'm going to have my morning cup of coffee that my hubby just brought me. Have a Terrific Tuesday!!


Sandra Collins said...

must have been wonderful spending time with your family
it sure sounds like a busy week ahead - take some time and relax

Lisa Dorsey said...

Sounds like such a great Thanksgiving! Glad you had such a nice time Jenn!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! I didn't really get any Thanksgiving Day pics :(

lisa dickinson said...

fabulous photos! hope you enjoyed that coffee too :)

Suz said...

Beautiful photos.

You'll love the Expression the more you use it - it's great

a corgi said...

hi; first time visiting your journal; very nice looking family! you are all so blessed! you have a cute blog; enjoyed reading your list of thankfuls :)