Monday, December 15, 2008

Name That Carol

Tonite was our Sunday School Class Christmas Fellowship and we had such a great time! The people in our class are wonderful friends. We come from all different backgrounds, times and places but we all share the love of God. They are truly, terrific people and we love them all!
Our friend, Becky found this online and so, I thought I'd share it. How many Christmas Carols can YOU name?

1. Ourselves bid yourselves a joyous Noel and a cheerful Neoteric 365 days
2. 5 PM to 6 AM without noise..
3. Adorn the vestibule
4. Exuberance directed to the planet
5. Listen, aerial spirits harmonizing
6. Monarchical trio
7. Yonder in the haystack
8. Fantasies of a colorless December 25Th
9. A dozen 24 hour Yule periods
10. Homo sapien of crystallized vapors
11. I merely desire a pair of incisors
12. I spied my maternal parent osculating a fat man in red
Have a great Tuesday!!


Heather Bares said...

cute list!!!!

Robin S said...

Ok...are you going to give us the answers...I think I may have gotten 3 right!!!! Wow...does my caroling suck!!!!

rmslil said...

I can , I can!!!!!

Oh but I am sure I am exempt from the game.


Terri Davenport said...

Too funny! (I think I've got most of them.)

Lily said...

i think I got 3 of them...I am such a scrooge

denine zielinski said...

Fun little game! I was able to name most of them! Happy Holidays!