Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monday In The E.R. with Hannah

We spent most of Monday in the E.R. with Hannah. She wasn't getting ant better, in fact, she had gotten much worse. She was losing everything she ate and not wetting any diapers. I was very concerned about Dehydration, which she was. She also has Pneumonia! She was so exhausted. Her thumb gave her a lot of comfort during the stress.
It was awful when they inserted the I.V. They couldn't find her little veins, and tried her right arm and hand before being successful in the left arm. They had to tape her up to a small board so she would not move that arm. She was very upset!
She'd be asleep for about two minutes, and then, cry for about two minutes, until she finally went to sleep. Her doll made it all better.
Daddy left work to see his girl..
They gave Hannah two bags of fluids and kept her on the antibiotics. They wanted her to eat something before we left, and she actually kept it down. She slept good but moans in her sleep alot. She's still congested, and it seems to hurt her when she coughs. She, also, still has the high fever. She's been sleeping in the bassinet in our room the last couple nights so we can keep an eye on her. She's eating but still losing it all. We're so worried about her, but I'm sure after some rest, she'll be much better. She has an appointment with her Pediatrician today at 10. It's so hard to see her hurt.
Please keep our Hannah in your prayers!


Linnao said...

Oh my, a parents' worst nightmare, seeing their little girl in the ER room like that. I'll keep your little one in my thoughts and honestly hope she'll be better soon!

Janet said...

Oh, my goodness...poor baby. It's such a helpless feeling when your child is ill. Hopefully with the antibiotics and rest she'll soon turn the corner!

Sarah said...

you and your little girl are in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping for a speedy recovery!!