Sunday, December 28, 2008

So Thankful and Prayers Please

These are the boxes with all our stocking stuff...WOW. (We get stockings at my parents house too and consolidate them when we get home) And this is our Christmas tree, after arranging all our gifts. It's a tradition I always do the evening of Christmas Day. We had a wonderful Christmas! We really do appreciate all we have to be thankful for.

I'm just a little down for several reasons. My grandmother is in the hospital. She has Pneumonia right now and is having a hard time. It's hard for her to breathe, and talk. Our Papaw, Mike's grandfather, is in another hospital. He has some Infection in his feet. Both of these important people in our lives are in their 90's. I'm so thankful to still have them with us. I'm just concerned about them. And Hannah has been sick since Saturday. She has Bronchitis and a high fever. Even with Tylenol, she's still hot. It's so scary and when I called Ask A Nurse AND the Doctor On Call, they said to give it until Monday night. (48 hours) She's not eating well, gets sick when she has milk, and is very fussy, tired. She cries when she coughs so it must be hurting her. She slept in our room, in her bassinet so I could monitor her fever. I think the Tylenol is helping her sleep now. When it rains, it pours. I'll be so glad when she's better. And thinking about our grandparents. Hannah may be going to the Doctor's office or ER if she can't keep anything down. Take Care!

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