Monday, December 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We're finally home from Florida and it's SO nice to be home. It's been busy since we got here but great. We went to Church on Sunday, visited our grandparents, and then I went Christmas shopping. I'm pretty much done, except for some Gift Certificates. No time to post any pics.
Tonite is our Sunday School Christmas Fellowship and then, I have to wrap the last couple presents. Hunter is really excited about Christmas and Hannah is cutting her first tooth. She's NOT very happy. Poor Girl! Hope you all have a great Monday. God Bless!

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rmslil said...

You named these two last posts the same. Robert kept telling me that your post said you were coming tonight. I was thinking I was not getting your updated post because I was only reading your heading not your text. Glad you were there. We had some good laughs tonight. Hope you enjoy your candle and Frank Sinatra. You know Mike was getting kind of evil about Frank.... Oh yeah, hope you are enjoying that cricut too.