Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Day At The Park

Mike had to work on Saturday and the only place Hunter, Hannah and I had to go was
Wal-Mart to pick up a birthday present for a friend. We came home and got a little rest before Dad got home. It was So pretty we decided to take the stroller and Hunter's bike to the park. Hunter didn't have any interest in his bike, though. He wanted to play. He must be going through a little stage where he is just afraid of riding his bike, even with the training wheels. He had a blast at the playground and he got to run off some of that energy.

Hold On Tight

Hunter's turn to push...Be Careful!

SO, he's afraid to ride his bike but he'll climb to the top of this wall??

He made it!
"Take my picture, Mom"Father and Son
He climbed to the top again
My Lil' Girl had fun watching Big Brother
Then, she remembered her thumb Last Ride
OK, headed to get ready for Church. Then, home to get some rest before our Birthday Party. Hunter is going to a Birthday Party at the Ice Skating Rink. This is a first for him so he's super excited!! His friend, Brissa, from Church will be 8!! I'm pretty tired since I'm getting over a pretty nasty Sinus Infection.
Take care, have a great Sunday. God Bless!

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Denise said...

Oh my gosh! Your kids are so cute! It looks like you all had a great day at the park. I can't wait for spring and some park time!

Have a great day, Denise