Friday, February 27, 2009

CRAZY Weather

This is some CRAZY weather. Now that I've wrapped my mind around the fact we probably aren't getting snow this year and I'm READY for Spring, there's an 80% Chance for snow on Sunday!! It's going to be 70 today!! I hate to get excited because it never happens. I love snow and I KNOW Hunter would love to sit by the window on our couch in the Living Room and watch for it. He does that when it's in the forecast. He looks So sad...
I'm ready to go camping. I'm ready for some photo shoots at the park with my kids. Some shots of the new blooms, the colorful flowers. Some of the kids just in play at the park, playing in the grass, looking at all that God has created. I'm ready for that fresh Spring smell. But I guess we'll see what Nature holds.

Have a great weekend. It's been a LONG week and I'm THRILLED it's the weekend. God Bless!

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