Sunday, February 01, 2009

Looking At The Positive

These are Cheerios on my floor that may have saved me from having a meltdown on Saturday.
Do you ever have days where you have a schedule but NOTHING goes according to plan? Something falls, you slept too late, you're a little more tired than normal? Well, that's me. I work full time, have two kids, do a pretty good job with Mike's help to keep the house clean and make a lot of time to do stuff with the family. Can we say OVERWHELMED sometimes? I don't usually complain or worry about it. But Saturday, I was convinced I was going to my crop at Church. I really needed some adult time and I needed to get some done in my books. Mike found out he had to work Saturday so he left pretty early. I needed to get up, get the kids bathed, dressed and fed, as well as myself and then, I still needed to pack up everything. (then, pick up Lunch and drop them off at my parent's house until Mike picked them up after work) I had gotten them ready and my stuff packed up. I just needed to eat, feed Hunter and get ready myself. I didn't even touch the box of Cheerios, which were on the top shelf of my pantry. They just fell over. I didn't freak out. I just looked at them all over my floor and stated WHAT A MESS. Hunter just looked, and repeated what I had said. I thought this would be the meltdown for sure. But as I swept them up, this shape is what I found. Hunter said, "Look, Mom. It's a FISH". He's right. It DOES look like a fish. I was thinking, there are people starving and I'm going to throw all of these away. Mike called to check up on us and I told him what happened. He had a great idea. I bagged them up and we're feeding them to the birds today at the Park. It's supposed to be warmer than the last couple days.
SO, I missed having a meltdown and had a good laugh with Hunter. I DID make it to the crop and got EIGHT pages done. WOO HOO!
After Church, visiting and lunch at home, we'll probably go to the park before a nap. I think I might get a couple goodies to eat while watching the game. I'm cleaning out our den to make more room for my scrapbook area and for us to play Wii. I'm selling my coffee tables too, which are great looking but way too big for our area. I'm planning to get the natural wood tables from Michael's. It will be so nice when all is done. I'm looking forward to our new room.
Have a great Sunday and enjoy the game!


Sandra Collins said...

I'm glad you were able to look at it in a new light and that you didn't have a meltdown.

Jeanne Pellerin said...

Love your blog! I am going to try to follow your example the next time something doesn't go according to plan at my house (which most likely will be any minute now!). Your love for your family shines brightly thru your words!