Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day Pictures

These pictures were taken at Sears Portrait Studio last night for Hannah's FIRST Valentines Day. I only got these three, as these are for my Portrait album. She'll probably get her pictures taken again next month, since she'll be nine months old. This one is my favorite!

This was the special they had going on. I got two collages for $9.99.

And I usually get the proof sheet so you can see lots of her different poses. She LOVED the rose!

OK, hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day weekend. I think we're going out for an early lunch tomorrow. Just a little time together and then, home to have some fun with the kids. Sunday, Hunter is having a Valentines day party at Church and then, we're going bowling with the family a little later. Tonite, we're watching "Annie". It's one my favorite movies and Hunter has never seen it. Happy Friday!!


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How adorable! She is a cutie. My fav is the first one too!