Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy 80th Birthday, Aunt Kitty!

We went to a surprise party for Aunt Kitty on Saturday. It was really nice! This is her house all decorated. She went to lunch and while she was gone, the party moved in!

The food was SO delicious!!

And everything looked beautiful!!

Aunt Kitty (in the middle) with the 2 ladies that catered the party

The Cake Table, with a picture of Aunt Kitty beside
Brenda and ChrisSome of my favorite people:)

That was the biggest thing going on in the weekend. Friday night, we went to Steve and John's with Mom and Dad for dinner. It was so had been a while. Saturday, I went to the mall and to Ritz Camera. I finally got my filters. (I got the Circular Polarizer, Diffuser and Cross Filters) I had them for my 49 mm lenses but needed to get them in the 55 mm size. I can't wait to use them. I got to use the Polarizer at the beach Saturday night. We went by and got some pictures of the sun setting. Mike didn't think it was going to peak but it did. Very pretty!! Mike had to work Sunday so I went to church, took Hunter by Pizza Hut inside Target for lunch and then picked up a couple groceries to make chili. How's it look?
This is my Picture of the Day shot for Monday! Ok, gotta run. I'm going to bed! I have an early meeting in the morning downtown:(
Have a great Monday!


kate rogers said...

Happy birthday to your aunt. An amazing party for sure. She must have loved it. Wish her immense luck and happiness.
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Cheryl Wray said...

The birthday party looks SO fun!!! The decorations and food look GREAT!!!
Oh yeah, the chili looks GOOD!! I'm hungry!
(Seems like I haven't popped by your blog in ages. Hope you are doing great!!)

Cammeron said...

Oh, that last picture looks sooo yummy!!