Thursday, August 23, 2007

Still recovering from Vacation last week:)

What a week!! (LAST week, that is) I was off because my hubby's brother and his family were here. We did alot in the afternoon and evening so Mike and I were able to clean around the house, get furniture delivered one day, convert Hunter's bed to a full size bed, go to the pool one day and go to Busch Gardens. Saturday, we finished cleaning a ton and Sunday, we took Hunter to see Shrek 3. See why I'm still tired??? LOL! Actually, I went to back to work on Monday and today, Hunter and I were sick. Our Daycare Provider called yesterday to say he had a 103 fever. (actually, she called me after his temp got to 103 on the thermometer...could have been higher) Just a Viral Infection and feeling MUCH better. Hope to be completely over it by the weekend. (Just headache, body aches and fever..Thank Goodness NO Nausia) Here are some pictures of the kids playing at Busch and at my SIL's pool. FUN!

This is Hunter's new big bed. It's comfy and he LOVES it!!
Here's our new bedroom set and new color we painted a couple weeks ago. I just walk in and can't BELIEVE this is my room. I love laying in bed, watching a movie. Our mattress and box spring were broke and old. We got a Super Pillow top Mattress Set and we're can't wait to go to BED every night. Hunter has a hard time getting up since it's much higher but he's getting the hang of it..Doesn't want much help and does it by himself (Me, Me!)
It's called Terrace Cherry; These pictures make it look darker than what it is but it's a beautiful, warm cherry and prettier than it looked in the Showroom! (with my old Cherry tv stand that needs cleaning and new black hardware I haven't replaced yet:(

My new dresser with the box beside it that Mike gave me years ago. It came with Bath Stuff and when my bathroom is done, hopefully this Spring, I'm going to put some towels in it. It matches my room perfect!

That's pretty much what's going on. We really did have a great week. It had been several years since seeing Rich and his Family. The cousins were inseparable and seemed to have lots of fun. It was so adorable to see them all together . I hope we can work it out to see them again more often. It was hard to see them leave, knowing the wonderful week that we won't soon forget.

They brought us a new plant, that I already love taking care of. It's with my other ones on the back porch that Hunter helps me water. They also brought us some Extra Sharp Cheese that we've been REALLY enjoying.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. No plans tomorrow night but maybe staying home and resting. Saturday, we're planning to go to Water Country. Mike had an appointment for the Dealership to look at our car on Saturday. The Check Engine light was on and it had been running a little off a couple days ago. But the light is off now and it's running normal again. (sometimes, I think that if you buy bad gas with a lot of dirt or something in it, it can mess things up)

Hope he can go with us to WC after, but he has a lot of studying for his PE Exam this Fall. Saturday night, we're planning to go to our Brother and SIL's house for Game Night and take out dinner. Sounds like alot of fun and I know Hunter will enjoy spending time with Miss K. And, maybe lunch or dinner with some friends on Sunday. Hope there's a nap somewhere in there:)

Take Care and Enjoy your day =:)

Oh, Please say a prayer for my Hubby. Friday is his Dermatologist appointment and we've been looking forward to it. He has Excema and spent a night in the emergency room during the beginning of the month. He's been having some pretty bad flair ups with it lately that have caused other health problems. Please remember him in prayer, that the doctors will be able to find something that can help him. I love him so much and hate seeing him in so much pain.

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EquineSpirit said...

Great photos! Looks like ya all had fun! And the furniture is beautiful! Hope you guys are feeling better soon and good thoughts for your DH and hope all goes well at his appointment.