Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Life Questions

Well, it's been a busy week but I'm here. I had a work meeting tonite at the Virginia Living Museum that was lots of fun. We had a guest speaker who was really comical and had lots of good information to share. His two points were the questions, Why Not and What If. How many times are we dealt a situation and we make it much bigger than it is? He was saying to set a goal on how you're going to work it out and then do it. How many times have you started a statement with "In a Perfect World". I KNOW I have but we should write down our goal and work on it. It doesn't matter when and how but if you never strive for that goal, will you really ever get there?

I know I get down about life at times but I have SO much to be thankful for. I won $100 tonite!! I'm REAL thankful for that! I think I'll put it with my birthday money this coming week and save it until I completely make up my mind. I'm interested in getting an External Flash for my Camera. I know that I won't have the money for it otherwise and I don't know how to use it but that could be one of my goals. I HAVE set some Photography goals lately to really STEP out of my comfort zone and practice practice practice.
Thursday night, I'm going to my first meeting with a meet up group I joined. It's called the Photo Fun Club of Newport News and I'm excited to see what it's all about. I think it would be so wonderful to meet people just like me that enjoy Photography and not being worried that I'm not technical enough. I'm pretty much a MWAC, a mother with a camera. I want to take great pictures and that's it. I want to learn to be super creative with my camera and all the accessories I have to go with it. I'm praying about it.
I would be lying if I said I said I didn't have self worth issues. I sometimes wonder, Am I good at anything? I know I am. I'm a Mom, A Wife, A Member Service Rep, a Sister, Cousin, Aunt, Friend, Lover, Scrapbooker, Want to be Photography Hobbyist, and someone who likes to know from time to time that she's good at something.

I'm "Chinning Up" and looking at the bright side of life and setting new goals. I just wondered if there's others in the world who have ups and downs and sometimes question where you are in your life

Good Night and I hope everyone reading this has a Wonderful Thursday!

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Robin said...

I do believe I was just feeling this way....but I think I put it...self worthlessness!!!! It is so much easier to hard on yourself than to praise yourself...why is that??? Why is it easier to find our flaws rather than all the good in us???? I guess the answer to that is....that's what friends are pick you up and make you see the good in yourself...So Jenn...I am here to tell you that you are good at something....You are the BEST at being a BEST FRIEND!!!! There is no one...and I mean no one...that is better at it than you!!!! I love you!!!