Thursday, August 09, 2007

Welcome, Baby Isabelle!

I just wanted to post a couple pictures of Baby Isabelle, who was born at 6:21 P.M. tonight. I went to high school with her mommy and am SO happy for her and her hubby. I haven't seen her yet but these were taken by her Aunt Lindsay. She didn't have her camera so these were taken with her camera phone. How cute!! She looks JUST like her Grandma...I can't believe how much she resembles her! I can't wait to see more pictures. Lindsay said she'd take her camera tomorrow so hopefully, I'll have some more later! (Thanks, Aunt Lindsay) Awww...She's smiling!

Not so sure of life out here...
It must be kinda cold!

Look at that SWEET face!

Congrats, Melissa and Paul! Your little girl is just beautiful!! Mike, Hunter and I are SO happy for you all!


OK, I've also got some pictures of OUR baby, Hunter. He's growing up so quick. I was listening to a song today in the car and got all teary eyed, thinking about how grown he is. He still loves hugs and kisses and DOES NOT like it when Mommy holds other babies. (He says, "No, MY Mommy" and then he says "Play with Hunter") We're even learning about sharing but not his mommy. It's kinda sweet but I wouldn't admit it if you asked:)

I KNOW I'm going to cry when he goes to Preschool this Fall. He's also going to Speech to improve his vocal skills. He's already shown improvement since going through testing so I'm reall looking forward to him being able to pronounce things correctly, and more recognizable to us.

Some look at little boys differently than girls and can't understand the big differences with boys and girls but I declare, he is such a sweet little boy. I think that every day gets better and more touching. I know we loved the baby days but now, he's makes us smile and laugh constantley. I just love watching him grow and learn. He has the cutest little personality and I CAN'T WAIT to spend next week with him!

These pictures are from Tuesday night when we pulled out his Nemo Slip and Slide. It was so HOT ; I had some cotton running shorts and an Old Navy "Wife Beater" tank on while Mike had a t-shirt and jean shorts on. We had no intentions of getting wet/soaked with Hunter but he wanted us to try it out first. What the heck...that's why I have a privacy fence, right? Kids grow up so quick. WHO CARES if you look silly? WHO CARES what people think? Not us, Hunter had a ball and I'd do it over a million times again. I pay TOO much attention to what people may think of me..

Mom and Dad, showing Hunter how to do it=:)

I guess that's why I've decided not to pursue my education again. I haven't gone for over a year but I love my job and my life. I also love hanging out with my friends and enjoying the time we have left. I struggled with self worth for a long time (what have I done special with my life?) and now, I realize that I DO mean something to some people. I'm a Wife and a Mom and a Friend and a Confident. My friends and my family make me feel good. I'm doing what I believe God wants me to be doing.

I also went to the Doctor this week to make sure that there is nothing wrong and to possibly get an answer of why I haven't gotten pregnant in the last 1.5 years. I cry almost every day that I get "my friend". We're trying the last ditch effort of temperature tracking (which didn't work before) and if this fails, I have to start meds. (For Fertility) They suspect that although, I've had a child and can physically have one, I may have diminished Fertility. I almost cried on the way back to work. I feel so selfish because I have such a wonderful HEALTHY little boy. I would just like to give him a sister or brother. I think , eventually, I'd be OK if I didn't have another one but to be faced with that, initially, or not having the choice is hard for me. We're giving it to God since he is in control.

Good Night; It's almost Midnight and I'm paying for the Latte from Starbucks I picked up tonite. Can't stop blogging... Should have gotten decaf instead:(

I'm closing at work Friday night, then to Water Country Saturday and maybe out that night. Sunday, I hope to see my grandparents and then get cleaned up at home. I have a couple more things to do at home before enjoying the week off. Also, hope to look at the furniture we've been looking at, as well as some mattresses while they're all on sale. (It would be so nice to have them delivered while I'm off:)



Heather said...

Isn't she a darling little baby!! And that slip and slide is exactly what our MN heat wave is calling for right now! Except we don't have one! And I think my son is too small.

Staci said...

adorable baby!! love the slip and slide pics!!! those will be fun to scrap!!