Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tired Night

Hello. It's been a great night! I went to my first Photo Fun Club Meeting of Newport News and really enjoyed it. There's a great group of people that I got to meet and share information with. It felt good to talk technical stuff with them and realize that more and more is making sense. I've been doing my reading and I'm hoping this weekend to play around a lot with my camera. I've been lazy for WAY too long. I've got that desire pushing me now.

I'm hoping to use my birthday money toward my External Flash and start being able to take more shots of us and Hunter. I know I've really got some reading to do on that subject. I'm thinking about buying a new bag too with the money I won. I'd really like a Crumpler but didn't want to put the money in it. Well, it seems much more reasonable with money that I WON:)
I think that's about it for now. I've GOT to get packing up the camper. I'm actually getting everything together and going out tomorrow morning. We're leaving Saturday morning but we have plans with friends tomorrow. Just a yummy dinner at the Hot Dog King and then the girls are getting a pedicure while the guys hang out at home. I think it's been JULY since my last one. I lost track of time but it's been a while and I've been wanting to get mine done before the holiday. I better get before my Buttercup fusses at me! (kidding)
Have a wonderful Friday. Maybe I'll post a little from North Carolina this weekend
Good Night!

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