Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wonderful Water Country

These pictures are from Water Country last weekend. They're ALSO from a waterproof camera CD so they aren't the BEST quality but I don't think they were too bad. This is Hunter with my friend's nephew. Mike, Hunter and I went with our previous neighbor's son, Justin who was visiting from WI this past weekend, my best buddy, Robin with her boyfriend, Drew, her nephew and his friend, Mark with his daughter. Not sure who had more fun..the kids or the adults. Spent most of the day there and it felt WONDERFUL!

Hunter, with his new friend, Travis. He really looked up to him and I think Travis LOVED the attention!!

Hunter is SUCH a flirt!! (He did this posing on his own when I told him I was taking a picture)

Hunter and Mike in the Lazy River, which felt awesome being lazy with the heat!

My best friend, Robin looking MUCH better than me at the end of the day=:)

Sticking together in the Lazy River!
Three Amigos!
Such a sweet couple!! Me and Mike, showing our fatigue at the end of the day

(back in Hubba Hubba Highway before closing time)

Can't wait to go back this weekend with my parents. I went to the pool this evening with my son and parents and the water wasn't even refreshing! It was like bath water but we still had fun. Hunter is finally in the big pool and jumping of the side, almost before I can catch him! He had fallen in love with his freedom in the baby pool since he can play and w/ some great friends! But now, he loves the big pool and the steps he can play on. I can't wait until Hunter can play with his cousins next week. I LOVE this age. He's such a happy little man

I'm exhausted and headed off to bed. The countdown....2 more days until the week is OVER for me! Got a busy day tomorrow. Hoping to spend time with Mike during the evening. He's been working Overtime the last 2 nights and has to work Saturday and Sunday. I miss him SO much but I'm so proud of him and his accomplishments. I have to run around to order a bag for my dining room table's leaves and get some new pillows for my bed. I'm going to run during lunch so I can spend as much time as possible with the guys tonite. I still need to vacuum, dust and clean a little after Hunter goes to bed. We're started making Thursday our cleaning day so by the weekend, the house is clean and less we have to do. There's still plenty....I need MORE time sometimes but I'm thankful for the time I have=:)

Have a GREAT Thursday!


After posting this, I decided to change the look of my blog a little. I'm trying to make it more likea family page...not completely decided on the text on my banner and title. What do you think? Any ideas would be GREAT! I love the colors though; Bright and Cheery! I'm not super creative so it takes an act of Congress sometimes to do something different=:)

I'll finish cleaning it up and updating info tonite!!


Patter Cross said...

Looks like a fun day, and great pics! :)

Heather said...

What a great day. That looks like a really fun waterpark!