Monday, September 10, 2007

Busy Busy!!

What a busy but terrific weekend! My flash was delivered Friday so I couldn't wait to use it! (even if I didn't really need it and hadn't read the manual..LOL) We ate Subway and went to the park so Hunter AND I could play:) Came home and watched tv in bed...I love lazy Friday nights.
Saturday, we spent the day at Water Country with the family and had a BLAST. The weather was perfect and after a long day, I was tired! I came home and FINALLY, figured out how to work my actions. Make sure you scroll down to see all the different ones I tried. I can tweak them on individual pics but I was just trying them all out and playing for the first time. Sunday, we slept in and relaxed a little before going to Water Country. After lunch, we put Hunter down for an early nap so he's be rested. It was the LAST day of the season so we wanted to enjoy it one more time. We only stayed about two and a half hours but that was long enough. We were still recovering from the previous day and I still needed to go see our grandparents. These pictures are from going to see my parents. My dad is going on a trip tomorrow and we wanted to tell him Goodbye. Grandma read to him and Grandad practiced his flash cards with him. That's about it, except for some cleaning and laundry done Sunday in the morning and when we got home tonite. Mike got some time to study some and I picked up around the house a little.

We're hoping to find Hunter a pair of new tennis shoes tomorrow. I thought his current ones fit good but they're getting kinda tight. Tuesday is his FIRST day of school and I want him to be COMFY!!

We have a long week ahead of us. Besides Hunter starting school, Mike starts his class at ODU so he'll get home from Norfolk LATE two days a week. It's only for about a month but he's looking forward to this review class for his PE Exam, just a little over a month away...

Well, I'm tired and going to bed. Good Nite!!
Hope everyone has an awesome Monday!!


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