Saturday, September 08, 2007

I DID IT!! **I DID IT!! ** I DID IT!!

Ok I bought Jess's Actions (From Two Peas Website) about a month ago and have NOT been able to use them. First, I had to download WINZIP so that I could open them. Then, I have not been able to figure out how to load them. I played around with them tonite and looked for some articles on the web and I FIGURED it out. Thanks to Tifany on the Photography board, she mentioned the step I was missing!! THANKS! I didn't do any adjustments with these since these were my first and I wanted a comparison of all the different actions. I LOVE how they turned out! How fun. I know I'm going to love using these and I can't BELIEVE I figured it out. I'm the slowest learner there is..LOL:) I just wanted to share what I came up with. Any CC would be great!!

Oreo Cookies

Acid Washed

Dark Chocolate B&W

Bronzing (Deep & Rich)

White Chocolate B&W

Warm It Up

Vintage Soft and Faded

Simple Sepia

Rainbow Bright

Pretty Pastel

Over Exposed Vintage


Lorrie said...

very way cool. Glad you figured it out!!

Rachael said...

How neat!! I just bought my first set of scripts (for PSP) a month or so ago and love them!

Chriselda said...

pretty pastel was my favorite