Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day! We came home from NC today, after the entire family helped cleaned the house. We stopped by Sunberry, NC and got some good ole' ice cream. It's SO yummy and for hardly $1, you get 2 scoops for the price of one and in a cone. We got home, unpacked everything from our camper, finished all the laundry, cleaned both cars and the camper (inside the camper too), moved it to the back yard, I got a haircut while Hunter took a long nap and then went to dinner with friends. What a day! Tiring, but good. I even made it to my local Ritz Camera to order 3 new filters, a lens cap and lens hood. (my Circular Polarizer filter, lens hood and lens cap got misplaced recentley at Busch Gardens so I needed to replace)
Tomorrow, we're going to dinner for my Father In Law's bday, Wednesday night, I'm going to Hunter's school to meet his teacher, Thursday night, I'm going to dinner to celebrate my Grandmother and Father's bday and Friday is HOPEFULLY, staying home and resting! Wednesday is MY birthday but we've got so much going on, I think I'll go out to dinner with Mike when things settle down, maybe next week.
Hunter and I went on the boat Saturday and Sunday while Mike studied both days. He insisted he'd be ok so I was glad we got to have some fun tonite. We both got a lot of sun and the weather was beautiful. It wasn't too hot out, we had a nice breeze and we got to relax. We had watermelon both nights and we walked to the park one night. Hunter played on the jungle gym and then we took some pictures of him near the water and the steps. I got to play around with my camera in manual mode alot and I was VERY pleased with how much I got accomplished.
I can hardly keep my eyes open so I'm going to go to bed now. Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!! I'll see if I can't post some good pics we got this past weekend!

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