Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Is It Friday Yet?

What a week! We're going camping this weekend and I can't wait. I hope I can get there Friday night early enough to put my baby to bed and then sit outside. Just prop my feet up and feel the wind in my hair. Not a care in the world.AAAAAHHHHHH...

I have a Heel Spur on the bottom of my left foot that is killing me...I can hardly put pressure on it while walking. Tonite, I soaked it in Hot Water and Epsom Salt and I'm hoping that it will soften up the rough spots. I wear my flip flops all the time so I'm wondering if it's taking a toll on my feet. My feet have gotten sore before but this is the worst. I've had two people tell me to try Vick's Vapor Rug too with a bandage on top so I'll try that tomorrow.

I also spoke to the Speech Pathologist today about Hunter's speech therapy. Her schedule is completely full and the only time she has for him to go to is not possible with my work schedule. She didn't have anything for me but is talking to her supervisor about us going to another school at 8 A.M. for him to get help. Another option is for us to work with him with some paperwork from her about what to go over. I've seen a huge improvement but he still needs help. We're just praying that God will open up a door for us and things will work out. He gets so frustrated, not being able to communicate what he wants to say. MOST of the time we can understand him but every once in a while, it's a mystery. I almost cried this afternoon...UGH!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday. I'm off to bed!!
Good Nite!

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