Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happy Birthday to Our Dad!

This is my Father In Law, who I like to call "Mr T". We had dinner out tonite to celebrate his birthday (also mine, which is Wednesday) and through all the talking, I did manage to get a good shot. I love his smile because his whole face seems to light up. In the background is his youngest son and his little girl.

This is our YUMMY and VERY rich birthday cake that the restaurant gave us. It was SO rich, it almost tasted like there was liquor in it. But it was only coffee, which was TOO good! I loved it, a very different taste.

This is my new Candle Holder, which looks VERY Home and Gardenish on my Mantle. I LOVE IT! I also got some Yankee Autumn Wreath Candles for it that smell INCREDIBLE, some money, and gift cards to Chilli's. I'm hoping to go to dinner on Friday with those and I'm saving my money for some camera stuff.

It was a wonderful birthday celebration and I was so glad to be with my family again!! Too bad this website doesn't offer Scratch and Sniff..My living room is filled with the smell of Autumn. I'm really tempted to put out my scarecrow, fall wreath, leaf decorations...OH, Sorry. I was getting carried away but I AM so excited about some cooler temps. (AFTER this weekend, of course since we're going to Water Country this weekend ... it's the last days for the season.)


OK, This is just a funny shot of Hunter at dinner with friends on Monday. We got him a cookie for being on good behavior while we were away this weekend. He was VERY happy! (AND covered in Chocolate) TOO CUTE! He was also being egged on so that's where the hands are coming from!!

OK, I'll post more later in the week. Mike and I get to go meet Hunter's teacher at his preschool tomorrow night. (Wednesday) He'll get to meet her for about an hour on Thursday. I know I'm going to cry. I know I'm going to cry. I KNOW I'M GOING TO CRY:(

My baby is growing up!!

Anyway, Have a wonderful Hump Day!!

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Sherri said...

Happy b-day to you both...looks like a great celebration.