Friday, September 21, 2007

UPS VENT....ugh!

Well, I was supposed to get my Crumpler Camera Bag today but instead UPS really screwed up. I TOTALLY understand how mistakes can be made but this just sounds insane. I ordered it at the beginning of the week and paid EXTRA so it would be here before the weekend. I'm going to Kings Dominion Saturday with my family and didn't want to carry my big Lowepro Sling typle bag. Then, Sunday is a SPECIAL Church Service at my son's school and our work picnic. Needless to say, I wanted my hands as free as possible and that just isn't going to happen. The UPS Tracking showed all along the 21st as the delivery date and it even showed this morning it went out for delivery at 6:40 A.M. When I called tonite to UPS after it didn't show up, she told me it's been redirected for delivery MONDAY. It's just sitting in the Newport News UPS Office, which is closed all weekend. She was very sorry for my problem and completely understood. She also said they would pay 100% for the delivery charges but it was very strange that it wasn't even attempted to be delivered. The driver dropped it back off at 7:45 P.M. and there was no other comment. She said usually, there is a reason why it was not delivered. I knew a friend a while back who worked for UPS and I thought he said that he could not go back to the office until all packages had been delivered and he had a very tight schedule. How strange. Well, I guess I'll get over it but it just made me so mad! I'm sure I'll have another bigger bag that I can use but I was SO looking forward to finally having a bag to fit my stuff without being huge. \

**Ok, Vent Over...Just had to get that out**

Otherwise, it was a pretty good evening. Mike had a part fixed on our car and I was late leaving for work so we went to a little later evening at the steak restaurant near us. It was yummy and wonderful to have a chance to sit down, to rest, to recoupe.

I finished putting my Fall decorations out tonite and I love the feeling of our home. Delicious Pumpkin Spice Candles and Plug Ins burning, leaves and pumpkins all over and no dust! (my least fave thing to do .. ..... :)
Also got to play with my new Hermit Crabs, Mickey and Minnie. They're fun....they walk SO fast and seem pretty playful. they love to walk up my arm!!

Well, I'm headed to bed. I'm tired and looking forward to the weekend! Have a good nite!!

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