Friday, September 21, 2007

TOO Much Caffeine Tonite

I had a Coke tonite for dinner and I'm paying it for it now. It's after Midnight and I can't sleep! Mike got home early from School and I was hoping to be done cleaning. He wanted to work on his computer, though and it gave me a chance to get a lot done. Cleaned my entire Kitchen and Living Room tonite, decorated with some Fall stuff and had candles burning in all the major rooms. It smells SO sweet in here! Also took Hunter to the Pet Store and bought him 2 Hermit Crabs. I'll try to post pictures on Friday but I'm TOO tired now. They're fun. It tickles him when they walk on his arm but he thinks they're "COOL". I'm thinking of naming them Mickey and Minnie but I'll think about it over the weekend for sure. It's all Lynn's fault..LOL! She went by to pick up her new kitten and a bunch of us went by to see it while she shopped. He's so sweet, only 3 months old. I'm more of a dog lover myself but they could defentley grow on me! So sweet and little...a real precious boy. His name is "Little Man"....aawwwww....

OK, I'll post more Friday. I'm going to bed now and hopefully, I'll have more pics to share then
Have a WONDERFUL Friday =:)

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