Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Child's Play

Hunter hangs his bag by his number and he also waits here before he leaves for the day

Hunter's School
Always happy if there's food involved...
Fun on the School Playground...

Hunter shows off his Halloween fork and spoon set from Grandma. She and Grandad were SO proud of him, going to school and also for sitting so nice during Church with the other kids.

(They all got to go up front, put a puzzle together and listen to the Pastor tell a story)

Hunter loves cookies, especially CHOCOLATE ones....
These pictures are from Sunday when we went to a special Church Service at Hunter's Presbyterian Church Pre-Kindergarten. They recognized all of the family of the students with a very nice gift bag. There were 2 bible story books and a homemade loaf of bread. One book was Daniel in the Lion's Den and Hunter loves it! They had a nice reception afterwards with fruit, cookies and lots of snacks. We are so thankful for this wonderful school that he goes to! He loves it!!

After we went home and changed clothes, we went to Yorktown for my Credit Union Work Picnic. They always have the big slides and inflatables. Last Year, we had to go down with him but this year he was fine by himself with us at the bottom waiting. He had cotton candy, snow cones, cookies and hot dogs and was still looking for more sweets! OH NO!

He better enjoy them there because we try to have balanced meals at our house and fruit or veggie snacks for Dessert.

I have some other pics from Kings Dominion this past Saturday but I'm exhausted! (and not feeling wonderful today either) I had a meeting this morning where I was at the office at 7:50 A.M. WOW....I'm so tired!! Plus, I'm still getting used to Hunter's day schedule. He's at school Tuesday and Thursday from 9;15-12:15 and has Speech on Mondays and Thursdays from 3-3:30. I take him to School and pick him up on my lunch hour with about 15 minutes for leftovers before going back to work. I close at work the days he goes to School to make up my time and if it wasn't ANY worse, Mike is taking a class at ODU those nights and isn't home before 11!! His grandmother takes him to Speech, thank Goodness, or else he wouldn't be able to go. We are SO blessed with family!!
We've been working on his Speech Homework at night right before bedtime. He looks at my lips and tries to pronounce it with the same sounds. Bless his heart, I'm just so happy he's getting help. He's SUCH a sweet little boy and I love him so much!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Hump Day..I'm off to bed! Goodnite!
*Oh, Just another tidbit*
My friend has a 6 week old little baby girl that she wants me to take some pictures of. I don't EVER want to do Photography as anything more than a hobby but I've really been trying to practice practice practice. I' enjoy taking pictures of Hunter and us at Christmas. Well, she said she'd LOVE me to practice on her daughter so we're going to get together soon. She is such a precious little thing....I can't wait!

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