Friday, September 07, 2007

Getting Ready for School...

Well, Here it is; Hunter's school. Can you believe it? This is the beginning of about 20 years of school. How did my baby get SO big? He loves carrying his book bag in!
These were taken Thursday, when he went in for an Open House JUST for him. He met his teachers, got to walk around his school to find everything through a Scavenger Hunt and play a little in his class!
These are his teachers. They are SO nice!
Hunter starting playing right away!
These 2 slides and rides are in the indoor play room. How cool!
Hunter walked right into Chapel and sat down. He's ready for "Church"
Just wanted to share some of my pictures of my little student. Tuesday is his first day and I know I'm going to cry. The Director said he carpool runs slow the first week since EVERYONE wants a picture of their child the first day. Yep, that will be ME!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday. I'm off to Water Country with my family. I've got to run since I need to run by RITZ CAMERA this morning to pick up some filters and things I ordered that are in. I know I'll want to PLAY when I get home. Take Care!

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dynamomomof2 said...

awesome photos!!