Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy Monday

Well, I had a wonderful, and very productive weekend. Friday, we went Trick or Treating, of course. It was lots of fun and I'll have pictures tonite. We visited lots of family afterwards that wanted to see our little animals. (The Cat in the Hat and a Ladybug)
Saturday, Mike was supposed to work but as he was leaving, Hunter climbed down the steps and begged him not to go. He explained to him that if he didn't go Saturday, he'd have to go Sunday. Hunter said that was a good plan and it was nice to have Mike at home. We cleaned alot around the house and Hunter got to play alot. We went for a long walk to the local Supercuts and the boys both got a hair cut. It was beautiful outside and it felt so good to be out!!
We visited our Pa Pa, who is recovering from Pneumonia. We had a nice visit and he's recovering nicely. He looked great.
Sunday, Hunter, Hannah and I went to Church and then went by Grandma and Granddad's. I'm having an X-RAY done at the hospital this morning to find out about the problems I've been having since my Cesarean complications. Sunday, I couldn't have anything but clear liquids and to be honest, I am HUNGRY. Ginger Ale and Chicken Noodle Soup just didn't fill me up. Mom made me some soup and then, I had to feed the baby. So, when I got home, I put the kids down for a nap and I got busy. I made a large pot of Chili, which they had for Dinner and I froze the rest for the end of the week. I ran to the store when Mike got home, and got enough groceries for dinners through next week. When I got home, I made Spaghetti sauce that I froze and also, Sausage and Egg Casserole. That's in the refrigerator and all Mike has to do is stick it in the oven today. Tonite, I'm making my Poor Man Steak to freeze for the rest of the week. I LOVE making my meals ahead of time. It's awesome for a busy, working family and makes our life MUCH less stressful! I also made Hunter's lunch and snack for today and Hannah's bottles. When Mike got home, all I wanted him to do is REST and enjoy his day.
Today, I'm having this X-RAY at the hospital so the Doctor can look at the Small Intestines and Bowels. That's what was exposed when my incision opened after my second Cesarean. They think that, because of the trauma, I have a Bacterial Infection, which is causing all the pain. They just have to rule out anything else. I also have some Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which makes sense. I'm just praying I can get some answers soon.
My test is at 8:15 A.M. and I can't have anything this morning. They say it could take two hours and afterwards, I'm going to Subway for lunch. I'm getting a BIG sub and I can't wait. Funny, huh? It's been a little frustrating, not being able to eat but it makes you remember all we have to be thankful for. I know I have so much to be thankful for and we all take it for granted. I love this time of the year because it really makes me appreciate my life, my health and my family.
We're counting the days down to our trip to Disney World. December 6Th we leave and we can hardly wait. Hunter keeps asking me how much longer:)
Hope everyone has a great day. God Bless!!


Sandra Collins said...

sounds like such a busy weekned - hope your x-ray gives you some answers

X-tina said...

Have fun in Disney! That's my favorite place!!!