Monday, November 17, 2008

Hey, Santa!!

Here's my two babies, sitting with Santa. We went to The Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Sunday afternoon, after being home most of the weekend. Mike needed to rest but we were ALL getting a little cabin fever. We also went by and saw our grandparents, which I'll post pictures of that later this week. Neither one of the kids were scared of Mr. Claus. In fact, Hannah chewed a little on the ball at the end of Santa's hat! Hunter got to color a Christmas picture and write a letter to Santa. It was really nice to have a little Holiday fun....even if it IS before Thanksgiving. We got COMLIMENTARY photos of the kids with Santa, three to be exact. One for each of them and then, one together. We will probably still go to the Mall to see Santa, just for fun, and for the sake of Tradition but this was great. (these pictures Mike took)

My big guy, Hunter
And little cutie, Hannah. Doesn't she look COMFY?

Well, I'm headed to bed. I've got an early meeting in the morning and we MAY get some flurries. I love snow....I already have my Snowflake sweater ready to wear. We probably won't get any but a girl can dream....Have a terrific Tuesday!!


muirwoodsue said...

How adorable. Don't you just love photos with Santa?
Gee and how can you beat FREE!
We are getting snow and I love it too.

Robin said...

Don't my babies look "too cute"!!!!! Ok ya'll were couped up all weekend and now it is time to share some of that Turnage love...lets get together this week!!

Benita said...

Those photos are great! I miss taking my kids to sit on Santa's lap!

Scrapper Mom said...

Great Santa pics :)

Jen Martakis said...

What cute photos! My babies always cried on Santa's lap. She does look pretty comfy. :)

Oh, and I woke up to 8 inches of snow this morning. You can have mine, if you want it. lol

Lisa Dorsey said...

Adorable pictures Jen! We haven't done pictures for the last two years. :( My girls are getting too big. :(