Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Happy Hump Day!!

Wednesday is here and tomorrow will be Thanksgiving. Isn't time FLYING by? I'm looking forward to the rest of my week and weekend. I have so much to be thankful for!

We'll be cooking lots of yummies tonite for our long day tomorrow. I'm so thankful for all the family and love that surrounds us!

Mike is cooking our turkey this afternoon so we'll have a full Thanksgiving meal to take to our Granny and Aunt tomorrow. Then, headed to my SIL's house for a wonderful lunch with Mike's family. She's a great hostess and I know everything will be beautiful! A little later, we'll have Dinner at my grandparent's house with my side of the family, where my Aunt will be here all the way from South Carolina! She was here last year and it was so nice to see her!

I guess I'll be going to bed early so I can be at Wal-Mart the next morning at 3 A.M. to meet my MIL and SIL. for the 5 A.M. Door busters..we MUST be crazy but I can hardly wait!!

Mike has to work Friday so after I get home, he'll be headed out. I think the kids and I are going to have a nice day at home. I'm SURE I'll want to play with my new toy while we watch some movies together. FUN!

Hunter is spending the night with Grandma and Grandad Friday night so Mike and I may fit in some Wii gaming. I hope whatever you do, it's a nice time. Gotta run and get ready for work

I'm kinda sad....selling my Original Cricut and the wheeled carry on that fits it. It's sitting by the door and it just won't seem right, not owning one, at least for a day or two. (but glad I'll have my NEW one half paid for)
Have a great day =-)

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