Tuesday, November 04, 2008

This is what PROUD Americans look like!!

This is me, ready to walk out the door to go vote. Yes, at 7:55 A.M., we've already voted. Mike was in line at 5:30 and walked back in the house before 6:30. Then, I went and was home about 7:15. The lines were not bad. Everyone was patient, and we were out of the rain. Mike had an umbrella and I wore my rain coat. I had a hood but I walked right in the building. The rain was only sprinkles so we were lucky. I have navy blue pants on, my red shirt and a scarf my mom made. I'm a PROUD American!!
My baby girl, Hannah, has a dress on, with red and blue stars and a star patch that says "I love the USA". It's short sleeved so she'll wear her jacket and a nice warm blanket over her but it's always warm and cozy in the Home Daycare she attends. She's patriotic TOO!Mike doesn't get too dressed up for Special Events but he IS wearing blue. He was up, bright and early so he could vote so I guess that's how HE expresses his Patriotism. He'll wear his sticker all day too.
Hunter is spending the night with Grandma since he doesn't have School today. He IS wearing something patriotic but I don't have a picture of that to share. I WILL share the picture of him in his room the other day while we read. I LOVE his smile.
Hunter has just begun to start reading, a little. He's sounding out words and putting all the sounds together. He has all the Dr. Seuss books memorized since those are his favorites. He was looking over Fox on Socks the other night when he started doing some beginning reading. Mike and I were ecstatic!! I'm SO glad he shares our love of reading! It's his favorite thing to do!
I won't share my opinions on the Election but I WILL say that we are praying very hard. We're praying God will shower his blessings over this next president and the choices he makes, and this Election in general. In God we trust and that's the most important thing I can say. Please get out and vote today. It's so important to make our voice heard.
If you DO vote today, go by Starbucks and get a free cup of coffee. And Krispy Kreme is giving away a free donut. MMMM I'm DEFENTLEY going to get my free cup of coffee. YUMMY!
Have a wonderful day and God Bless!!


barb said...

You guys all look great (I love your haircut too, you're so pretty!). I'm praying that America stays strong, no matter who takes the helm. We need it. Happy Election Day!

muirwoodsue said...

You look just adorable. Love your red white and blue scarf too. Congrats on doing your part and voting.

ROBIN S said...

Hannah makes me so proud...are you sure she is yours? I mean the stars and stripes are a dead give away of my blood!!!!!! LOL!!!!! I hope this country proves me wrong and STANDS up for what it was BUILT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jill said...

Great post!

Suzanne Webb said...

Look at your cute little patriotic family....love it!