Monday, March 02, 2009


Mommy and her babies
Daddy and his girl (Hunter was running through the snow)
Sweet FacesHunter's VERY colorful outfit
And here's my FIRST batch of Homemade soup
Sunday, I made my first pot of Homemade Soup, my grandmother's recipe. I filled my largest pot. I, actually, overflowed my large pot and had to fill another pot. Lots of corn, butter beans meat, tomatoes and potatoes. I wanted to make a lot so I'd have plenty to freeze. I think I, successfully did that. I have about 5 containers in my freezer, the pot in the refrigerator for Dinner tonite and a jar for my Day Care Provider. (she was sick all last week and today is her first day open again) Mike had already made a roast for Dinner for last night yesterday morning while I went to Walmart to get some shopping done. Hunter desperately needed some new shirts, pants and socks. He's, evidently, gone through another growth spurt. Hannah needed sleepers and socks. It was a large shopping list, and bill but I got a lot of stuff. (even a present for each of them for their birthday, on sale) I went early and glad I was home before the rain got too heavy.
We've had a nice morning. After breakfast, we all went outside and played in the snow. Hannah only stayed for a couple pictures and then, went in for a nap. Mike left for work early but I called him and told him I was worried about him going. He had a 2 hour delay and wanted to get there early. But after the 10Th accident, he decided it was too dangerous. I was SO glad to see him! He's home with the kids and I had a 3 hour delay. Wish I could stay home with them all day. It's pretty nasty out there and it's supposed to freeze later. It's already in the 20's. COLD!

Well, have a great Monday!!


Linda Beeson said...

Little girls should wear pink in snow pics!!! Adorable! and YUM on that soup. I love to make soup and it does tend to outgrow the pot!

Amy Adams (aka Scrapitgal) said...

Love your snow pics!! Your soup looks YUMMY too!!