Monday, March 16, 2009

Great Weekend

Sweet Girl
We woke up Sunday to a great morning, and day. I had been gone most of the Saturday to a friend's house where I co-threw a Baby Shower for her. It was really nice but I needed to be home Sunday. I had some things to do and some loving to do on the babies. A yummy breakfast and lots of silly time with the kids. Hannah sure loves that thumb, and laughing and playing.
Hunter loves to color on his easel. He was coloring with Diego for a long time. (LOVE the hair)
Hannah wasn't so crazy about him being out of her sight...she kept looking for him and making noises...
She was late eating Solid Food but she's making up for lost time. She LOVES it, and has it 3 times a day. (probably not enough for HER)
And this is Hannah in her first Big Tub Bath. She's been using her baby tub but had outgrown it with the seat. (She can still use it without the insert seat though)
I gave Hunter and Hannah a bath together Sunday and they had fun. Of Course, I can't post those but they're SO cute. Hannah sat between Hunter's legs and he held her around her waist. He taught her how to splash and use a new bath toy they got recentley. She LOVED it and he always loves anything to help his sister. She sticks her tongue out all the time now.
We really had a great weekend. Friday, we had dinner and then sat in our Living Room for hours. Mike had made a warm fire in our wood stove. We sat in the floor and played with the kids and their toys for a long time. It was nice. Life gets so busy, I think we take for granted those wonderful memories at home.
Saturday, I went to my friend's house for the Baby Shower. She's having a boy and due in May. She got some great things and it was really nice.
Sunday, we spend the morning doing laundry and cleaning. The kids got to play but they rested alot. I think all the rainy weather made us ALL sleepy. I FINALLY got to tackle my den and work on my Scrapbooking area. It's not quite finished but it's awesome! I have a very useful space to work in. There's lots of room for us to play Wii or watch movies and we can all be together. Life is good.
Hopefully, I can finish up and work on it a little every night. I need to organize some old pictures and my paper stacker. Hoping to spend some fun time there this weekend!!
Have a great Monday!!

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