Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cool Kids

Hannah, sporting her sunglasses and hat on one of the unusual warm days here.

Hunter, sporting some St. Patty's Day colors.
Sharing some love..
showing off his crayons.
Today is my first day back to work after being sick Monday and Tuesday. I had some sort of Intestinal Virus, which was NO fun. I'm better now but I'm sure it will take a while to get my strength back.
It's going to be in the upper 70's today and tomorrow night, we could get a winter mix.
No WONDER everyone is sick. I really can't wait for Spring!
This weekend, I'm having a baby shower with another person for our friend, Mindy.
She's due in May and expecting a sweet little boy.
Hunter is reading like crazy still. He's doing great in School and at home. He loves his sister more every day. He hugs on her and helps us any chance he can. Hannah just got her first tooth up top and now, has two more teeth coming in, one on each side of it. WOW. She's been OK, a little fussy at times but not too bad. (She has two on the bottom)
Have a great's Happy Hump Day! Ya!

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